Donate to Charity “The smile of the child”

Donate to Charity

“The smile of the child”

f5d7aebe-0220-4adc-9792-a71a980621d5 Give a child a life, a chance, a choice and a smile by donating to charity and support children in need. At Srimantra Spa, when spending time with us and relaxing with one of our packages, you help us donate to children in need. We donate money towards these causes; – Public Utility Development – Library – Playground – Sports Equipment – Educational Aid   Every time you purchase a service with us, we will automatically donate 5 Thai Baht to the children. This is a truly a wonderful combination of giving and receiving, and you can be part We are proud to make a positive difference to children’s lives and make you take part in it.   We also be a partner with Operation Blessing Foundation (Thai) Please feel free to contact us for further details. “We give because we have received and We never get tired of doing little things forothers. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their life.” Thanks all of our guests who share their time with us.

Srimantra spa joined with the philanthropists. We made some donations for disadvantaged children at Omkoi Chiang mai,Thailand on 14 January 2017.