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    Price 5,400 baht. , Time 300 minutes.

    The treasure of Srimantra is the most favorite treatment of relaxation. It touches the soul and creates a healing process to reach the true balance of the mind and body. This is a 5 hour package. Doing so this package has a wide diversity of treatments. We need to stimulate the circulation to nourish the body, increase skin colour, which makes the skin look healthy. Moreover, it can help us to sweat, relieve stress and relax your muscles. We will use facial scrub to clean your face, which helps to remove dead skin and helps reduce black spots. The most important thing is that the skin will be smoother. After the massage stage; we start with a foot massage in order to make the body relax. According to the adaptability of our body, we can make our face relax by pressing, extending, pulling and shrinking. The rhythm of massage is slow like the people’s traditional lifestyle; After that a massage technique featuring Srimantra will be used, massaging is the process of reducing muscle heat. You can relax your whole body while being massaged with special massage oil. The treatment makes our face more relaxed and the muscles of the face more elastic. Besides, it can make the skin look younger and keep the skin loose. In addition, we are using the Crystal Pyramid and Crystal bowl sounding and vibration for cell healing, organ and body regeneration and full relaxation. This helps you to feel more relax, less anxious and it raises your concentration.